Customized Cloud CRM Solutions

FTA has a unique tiered approach that allows us to quickly and inexpensively build custom solutions on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365.  The approach enables us to deploy fully custom cloud-based CRM solutions that focus on your company’s specific needs from a platform that 80% pre-built.  This lowers cost and decreases implementation time on a future-proof platform.

The base layer is Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is the most powerful cloud-based CRM application platform on the market today.  Then FTA layers on its “Growth Accelerator” solution that provides a set of pre-built functions that align with important business best practices.  The final layer contains customization that is unique to your specific business.

The result is a cloud-based, continually improved, future-proof system that helps your staff work more efficiently and consistently.  While at the same time providing managers and executives with reliable real-time information that is essential for decision making and growth.

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“Fawcett Technology Advisors has been a trusted partner for Verify for over 5 years. Their support has been essential for our company as we have grown and evolved. They have helped with application design, infrastructure design and management, staffing and helping Verify stay on the leading edge of technology best practices.”

Alan McIntosh
Chief Operating Officer, Verify, Inc.


Real Estate Development

Comprehensive management solution for developers & asset managers

Non-Profit Management

Track donors, sponsors, payments, service delivery and more

Time Tracking

Captures labor costing for R&D Tax Credit reporting


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