Culture Change … Making great cheese

As we have discussed in other posts, “digital transformation” is not really about using technology to change your own company.  Rather Digital Transformation is how your company evolves to manage and leverage changes in the marketplace caused by the relentless onslaught of technological advancement impacting your customers, workers and suppliers.


Technological innovation inside your company will certainly be part of the solution, but the most critical ingredient to a successful Digital Transformation strategy is creating a culture of adaptability inside your business.


However, for many executives and business owners the only thing that is more mysterious and difficult than technology is culture change.  I guess we must learn to be great cheese makers!


To keep the analogy going, there are lots of ways to make cheese, but the first thing to understand is that just like making cheese, culture change is a process.


This is where strategy comes in. If culture change is a process, then you need to know your destination and create a strategy of how to get from current state to the desired end state.


There are thousands of change management consultants that each have a model for how to create culture change.  A good business leader should constantly be looking for new ideas and I strongly encourage you to explore some of these offerings.  You may not find a perfect fit, but if you spend the time doing the research, you will learn.


I recommend this article by Anna Johansson (@Number1AnnaJo), “Turning the Ship Around: A Guide to Changing Workplace Culture“.  It is a fast read and offers 5 simple tips that can help you get started on your journey.  But before you get too far, there are two essential and obvious prerequisites:


  • What is your current state … honesty is essential
  • What is your desired future state … precision is not important, during the journey, you should constantly be fine tuning your goals


Good luck cheese maker … let me know when to bring the wine!




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