Change Without Strategy…

I want to share a great quote from Glenn Llopis (@GlennLlopis) … author, speaker, entrepreneur and nationally recognized workforce development consultant … “Without Strategy, Change is Merely Substitution, Not Evolution” … so true … in life and in business … and definitely with technology.

We all know that technology is having a major impact on business.  Like it or not, it is changing the way that customers, employees and suppliers interact with your business.  But very often, I see companies embark on new technology initiatives without really understanding why they are making the change.

In my practice, I see many companies making the jump from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics 365.  Usually, the stated reason, is that Salesforce is not meeting the business requirement.  Dynamics is seen as an attractive replacement because it generally does the same thing, but it is less expensive and it has better integration with the Office suite of products.  While true, this is substitutional thinking.  And without a change of mindset, the same thinking will result in the same outcome just with a different product.

The key is to understand the strategic reason for making the change.  Lower cost and better integration are tactical.  Strategic thinking will identify more important goals like making the switch to improve customer engagement in order to grow sales, or to provide excellent tools to attract and retain top talent.

So the moral of the story is that business leaders must think beyond the immediate tactical pressure that drive technology decisions in order to understand the longer term strategic implications.  Then when a decision is made to undertake a technology initiative, you will be able to solve your immediate tactical pain while at the same time evolving your company to be more fit for survival in the future.  Because ultimately, evolution is all about adaptation for survival.  Organisms that don’t evolve, rarely survive.  This is true in biology and it is true in business … and in technology.

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